We actually rarely see the beautiful creations that florists make with our roses and that’s a pity. To change that, we have decided to give floral designers the opportunity to create a lovely piece with our roses. We will photograph and film the making of this creation and share this…
19 kwiecień 2017
Roses are a lovely present that suits many people and meets the expectations of taste of the recipient. You give roses to women, it is a less suitable present for men. And roses are a suitable present for all ages, except for young people under 30.  The older the recipient, the…
01 luty 2017
Serious Request is an annual radio and multimedia fundraising event, developed and hosted since 2004 by Dutch Radio-station 3FM. This year 3FM Serious Request raised money for the treatment of children with pneumonia in 3rd world counties. For 5 days Ramona Fransen of Fransen Roses was on the Christmas Fair…
16 listopad 2016
Before we know it, It’s Christmas again! Did you know that a Red Naomi rose combines very well with other materials? What do you think of this creation? Red Naomi with gold, created by Nikki Tibbles from Wild at Heart.
15 listopad 2016
Our lovely Myrna roses on the red carpet at the presentation of the anniversary edition of L’Officiel magazine.
19 październik 2016
Jeff Leatham is known for making fantastic floral creations. Here’s one of his wedding creations. Red Naomi roses styled by Jeff Leatham.
28 wrzesień 2016
As the only nursery that breeds de Myrna rose we love to show you some creations. You can recognize the Myra by its specific red color.
05 wrzesień 2016
A lovely centre piece with oud Red Naomi roses.
18 sierpień 2016
Red roses can be combined with any other flower!  This summer bbq table shows a lovely floral combination of Red Naomi combined with Vanda Orchids.
08 sierpień 2016
Red Naomi centre pieces in the George V hotel in Paris. Styled by floral designer Jeff Leatham.
01 sierpień 2016